Now available on-demand, the highly-acclaimed
industry strategy and insights report,
The Future of Agencies

The 4A's gave AgencyAgile CEO, Jack Skeels, the charter to produce an industry-vision white paper.  Working with Chick Foxgrover of the 4A's, a broad industry and competitive analysis was conducted. Eventually, it was rolled up into a still-relevant 50-minute presentation format.

Viewed and lauded by hundreds of agency executives at key industry conferences, the topics explored include:

  • The fundamental shifts in the marketing and marketer landscapes
  • How these shifts unlock deeper competition; both for dollars, and with established, formidable competitors, including how to compete on value versus price
  • How agencies will need to build stronger structural and skill-based capabilities
  • How "strategic posture" can vary, based on competitive choices, including simple steps to get your agency started on its journey

AgencyAgile also offers leadership workshops to help agency leadership formulate their future-forward strategy, aligning to vision, values and a shared view of the future.

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