A 90-minute in-depth webinar with Q&A on September 9, 2019, 10am Pacific, 5pm GMT

Explore the Future of Agencies — and the future of YOUR agency — with Jack Skeels, CEO of AgencyAgile.

Technological shifts are transforming the marketing and advertising landscape, rendering fertile farms of agency services fallow, and introducing a plague of new competitors.

At the center of this is the C-Suite’s renewed focus on Customer Experience or CX and how management consultancies are now competing with agencies for the business of the new CXO.

Key challenges that will be explored are:
• How agency leadership can position an organization for change
• The need to repair the damaged Agency-Client relationship
• The definition of creativity is evolving and what you can do to get ahead
• Why account people “owning” the client relationship can create more problems
• Evolution of the C-Suite is changing your business and you need to change with it

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This open-to-the-public (and free) 90-minute session will be interactive, allowing for Q&A during and after the session.