A 60-minute in-depth webinar with Q&A on August 12, 2019, 10am Pacific, 5pm GMT

Jack Skeels, CEO and founder of AgencyAgile Inc., will look at how productivity problems start when agencies avoid talking straight with clients about whether a project can be done, what the client can really expect and what role each will play.

Agencies often play the blame game with their clients when it comes to the challenge of actually getting work done. “Clients make us go over time and over budget.” “They don’t give us complete briefs.” “They are constantly making last-minute changes.” And on and on. In other words: “It’s the client’s fault that they’re dissatisfied.” And sure, clients often have the audacity to ask for what they want—but they don’t always understand how agencies need to provide it.

We'll uncover:
• How a poorly understood scope kills agency productivity
• Why scope should be a conversation, not a calculation
• How to stop focusing your best talent on rescue efforts so you can keep productivity and client satisfaction alive

Can't attend but want to learn more? Drop us a note! info@agencyagile.com

This open-to-the-public (and free) 60-minute session will be interactive, allowing for Q&A during and after the session.