Demystify your organizational and productivity challenges

A productivity-boosting, immersive, and collaborative learning experience for leaders, managers, team and workers. Many call it ``Organizational Therapy``

Discover the key sources of your organization’s productivity challenges in one of our top-rated workshops, the 10-point Productivity Diagnostic, starting at $6,000 USD plus travel (workshop can be done virtually as well, of course!)

Designed for our more traditional and non-agency clients, it kicks off with an educational and illuminating 2-3 hour interactive workshop (designed for 10 to 25 people), participants will work together to identify the specific and critical problems that create delivery chaos and failures, including:

  • Failures in worker understanding and team alignment
  • Failures to coordinate and enable worker flow
  • Failures in worker and team empowerment and growth
  • Failures in stakeholder engagement and collaboration

After the completion of the workshop, we’ll begin a process of diagnosing your challenges in a collaborative systems modeling workshop. You’ll get a report as well, that outlines your root causes and improvement opportunities.

Our clients typically uncover 3-4 significant items that they can address immediately to improve productivity and quality.  The workshop will also help you understand where our UNMANAGING techniques could help your organization.


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