Inspiring and informative insights into the most effective ways to manage and operate complex project-driven organizations


Thought leader, researcher, writer, speaker, podcast host, coach, and two-time Inc. 500 entrepreneur.
Converting complex management research into often humorous yet humbling management insights and practice is what you get when you get Jack. His journey: failed plumber becomes college professor with stops along the way as the lead for Sapient’s Los Angeles office, a senior management sciences analyst at RAND Corporation, and trained restaurant chef.

Jack’s unique perspective of how leaders and managers can make their agency, consultancy, or project-driven organization run better, faster, and happier draws on these experiences – including his many years as a reluctant project manager – and the last decade spent working with over 200 client organizations.


  • For our AgencyAgile clients and alumni, a handbook, a reminder, and hopefully a few laughs, that tells many of the stories, vignettes and models that we have shared with you over the years in support of our trainings and transformation.
  • For managers in project-driven and knowledge-based workplaces, this book should be your handbook; it is designed for you. It gives you nine behavioral archetypes, models of how to be in some very important situations, than will set you on your trail.
  • For leaders of organizations, this book will help you make the shift to seeing managing for what it is, and hopefully be the contemplative starting point for change you initiate at an organizational level. It should also give you fresh eyes in seeing the “unleashable” potential is within your organization.

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Over 30 published articles and interviews including the Wall Styreet Journal,, Ad Age, Ad Week, Mediapost Agency Daily, and more.

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