Demystify your delivery and productivity challenges

An immersive and collaborative experience merging leaders, managers, team and workers. Many call it ``Agency Therapy``

Discover the key sources of your agency productivity challenges in one of our top-rated workshops, available now at no charge for qualified agencies*.

In this educational and illuminating 2-3 hour interactive workshop (designed for 15 to 25 people), participants** will work together to identify the specific and critical problems that create delivery chaos and failures, including:

  • Failures of worker understanding and team alignment
  • Failures of coordination and enabling worker Flow
  • Failures of worker and team empowerment

Our clients typically discover 3-4 significant items that they can address immediately to improve productivity and quality.  The workshop will also help you understand where AgencyAgile techniques could help your agency.


*Limited-time offer, not including travel costs for on-site workshops, and subject to consultant availability.


Sample Agenda:

Introduction : 30-45 min

AgencyAgile will introduce insights into the common agency behaviors that stifle productivity and team velocity.


Hands on Learning Activity : 45 min

Participants will break out into smaller groups for discussion around where they experience the most noise and will go through an exercise to think about where noise can be avoided.


Measuring Findings : 45 min

Goups will share a sampling of what came out of their conversation and all groups will map their findings on a graph measuring flow-noise.


The session requires about 2.5 hours and can be done virtually or in-person.

Expectations and Participation


Coming out of this session teams walk away with a heightened awareness and common language to talk about noise as well as a list of things that can be solved internally through DIY techniques. Additionally you get a sense of what it’s like to work with us and which of your challenges we are experts in solving for organizations just like yours.



For agencies under 30 people we ask that you include everyone.

In agencies larger than 30 people we’ll ask you to gather a group of 30 that encompass a mix of delivery staff, managers, leaders, hr, etc.

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