You've learned AgencyAgile's better ways.
You've seen your teams make the magic happen.
Now, it is time to support them, keep your people, teams and organization in top shape.
Better. Faster. Happier.

Doing the best work is not always easy.  You've mastered many of the AgencyAgile methods, but time pressures, new people, shifting teams, and all sorts of "drift" will affect any process you put in place, even ours.  Your lasting success matters to us as well, and that's why we have built our highly-affordable sustainment programs.

Lightweight, on-demand, timely and topical, our combination of twice-monthly virtual basics classes for newbies (Bootcamp), on-demand library of how-to videos for teams and managers, quarterly seminars on key managerial & organizational insights, plus some pre-paid coaching is what makes our new Level Up program such a compelling offering -- less than $500/month for small agencies.

LEVEL UP Comprehensive Sustainment Program


Level Up is a comprehensive, hybrid training and sustainment program designed for managers and teams, alike, and delivered in a mix of online live and on-demand education programs. For one small annual fee, your agency can access our:

  • Bootcamp training program (fixed number of seats per year),
  • Team methods video library (including ground rules, Context, Check-in and many others)
  • Managerial practices video library
  • Quarterly managerial seminars and more...including an annual live coaching budget

Our online learning platform provides easy access to everyone in your organization - newbies and veterans, managers and makers - even leadership, all moving to the same playbook.


BOOTCAMP Online learning program for new hires and everybody else


We've made Bootcamp better, and even easier to use, more than doubling our the frequency of cohorts, and shifting to a simpler per-seat (rather than subscription) model.

Due to increased demand we're expanding our schedule to twice-monthly, with a minimum of two different timezone classes every month!  Typical class start times: 10 a.m. Eastern US (EU-friendly) and 7p.m. Eastern US (APAC-friendly)

Our highly-praised course includes 8 live sessions over the course of approximately two weeks. Participants learn more flexibly with access to 30-60 minutes of self-paced "homework" per live sessions.

Bootcamp is available for a single seat price of $850, with discounts available for groups of 5 or more. Level Up subscribers can buy additional seats for a discounted rate starting at $750/pp.  We are now also offering private classes for groups of 8 or more.


Team and Managerial Methods Video Libraries


Sometimes all people need is a quick refresher, a gentle reminder, or a lightweight overview. And that's what our on-demand video reference libaries are for.  The big eight ideas in our curriculum (which include context, ground rules, check-in, etc.) and many other helpful side-topics are available as snackable 10-20 minute reminder videos in our "Practice Excellence" methods libraries, each one hosted our top consultants.

And this is not just for teams!  We're building a Managerial Empowerment Content Library that will, likewise, provide on-demand access to some of our  greatest managerial content (Theory X-Y, Teams, Dominance, Firefighter, Delphi Method, to name just a few!).

A Level Up annual subscription includes access for your whole organization for the whole year.


Managerial Seminars and Coaching


Sometimes you need some questions answered, or maybe you need an eye-opening discussion regarding a topic like the dangers of timecards, or how to get out of the trap of creating a "firefighter" organization.  That's why yoru Level Up subscription includes open attandance at our quarterly managerial skills seminar AND two hours of coaching with one of our senior consultants.

Quarterly Manager Skills and Methods Seminar – In these alumni-only 90-minute quarterly sessions, AgencyAgile CEO Jack Skeels will present new insights and practices for managers (and replay some greatest hits) that will help your managers and leadership in tune with teh best ideas in team and organizational empowerment.  In general, the seminar (presentation) will last 50-60 minutes with a group Q&A period following.

Coaching and Leadership Support – As time passses and your organization shifts and grows, you may want to bend our ear a bit, have a private conversation, and hear what we think.  Most commonly, this is in the form of process coaching (stand-ups, context, roadmaps, etc.) but can include other topics as well. Your Level Up subscription includes two hours of this support with our Senior Consultants per year OR one hour of executive-level consultation with a Principal Consultant.  You get to choose, of course!

What People Are Saying About Bootcamp

“The group discussions with participants from multiple agencies were invaluable. The old ways of working in the same office will be forever changed as a result of the global pandemic and being taught how to apply the AA methods in this new reality was incredibly beneficial and we’re already seeing the results”

"I really enjoyed the Agency Agile Bootcamp course. It provides structure for an organization while at the same time allowing for flexibility and all parties to weigh in on how a project should be completed."

"I felt this was a very useful course that really touched on the challenges of working on multiple different projects for multiple clients often at the same time. In particular I felt the discussion around the different ways that team members process information and the crucial need for flow time was really useful."

"Great reminder of the "why" we do things the way we do them at our agency."


Schedule time to learn what you can accomplish in our workshops.  We look forward to speaking with you!