Strategy & Planning workshops and consulting that help you drive another decade of success

Kick off the new decade with our inspiring and actionable group workshops!

Designed as a series, they will take your organization from where Future of Agencies left off, through building CX skills and a new Client Experience (CEX) model, to designing and planning a team-based model that delivers on that promise, and aligning your leadership team on how to move forward with the changes and the rest of your strategic agenda.

Charting the Future of Your Agency

In this follow-on workshop, based upon Future of Agencies, your leadership team will be facilitated to explore and create a coherent vision of the organization that embodies its natural capabilities, with optimizations around service delivery models, value creation and establishing a new ethos around delivery excellence and client success.

We'll help you explore and amplify:

  • The natural greatness in your organization, and what is waiting to be unleashed already
  • Your choices in terms of horizontal and vertical skills sets, and how they play into a competitive configuration
  • Your target client archetypes and research goals that you should have around them
  • The key commodity, customization, and duration service model attributes and how they relate to your specializations
  • An initial core delivery values and service vision

Format: 1.5 day workshop on-site, can be abridged down to 4 hours

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Designing the Optimal Client Experience (CEX)

You'll learn the basics of service design (so you can use it with clients to do Customer Experience (CX) while we help you plan out your optimal Client Experience (CEX).  Leveraging the client archetypes that we developed in the previous workshop (or if you already have some) we'll teach your team(s) CX design thinking skills and demonstrate how to facilitate a high-intensity "sprint"-style workshop.

Things you'll take away from this workshop include:

  • The basic frame for design thinking and service design, including discussions on how to customize the methods
  • CEX Journey models, empathy and change maps, and challenges solutions process
  • Value attribution techniques for prioritization of key service attributes (front/back of house) and service model changes

Format: 2 day workshop, on-site

Aligning Leadership Behaviors and Results

Leadership in an agency can often feel very siloed -- and thwart the most important functions of collaboration and continual innovation and re-invention.  In our highly-acclaimed Leadership Alignment Workshop, we take your leadership team (or other managerial group) through the process of aligning individual and departmental results to overall goals, and then anchor them in the needed behaviors and interactions that must occur across the whole group in order to succeed as a team.

Partly educational, but mostly actionable, we will explore:

  • How structure and hierarchy defeat the needs for collaboration and innovation.
  • Applying our Leadership Results Framework (LRF) to:
    • Refine Business Goals and identify needed Business Results
    • Define and discuss needed Leader Behaviors
    • Define and discuss needed Team/Group Interactions
  • Applying the Voice of Reason to define what should not get done
  • Revisiting the Goals to create a Vision-Results commitment

Format: 1.5 to 3 day workshop, on-site, depending upon scope and team size

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Evolving to a Team-driven Organization

Change is hard to do, and this workshop is designed to teach a core team, your Transformation Leadership Group (TLG), the core elements of longer-term organizational change management, while planning one or a few actual elements of organizational change using inputs from prior workshops.  Alternately, we can also conduct our purpose-built Productivity Diagnostic, which focuses on delivery challenges in understanding, coordination and productivity.

On a prioritized-basis, the TLG will work through:

  • Core change models and identification of needed supporters of the change process and governance models
  • An understanding of the "Family" of agile-like team empowerment techniques, including a wide range of non- and post-agile approaches to building teams.
  • Understanding the range of team-based models available, including implications of context, composition, duration, dedication, and focus variables upon model selection.
  • A target cultural-behavioral model for selected changes, and the associated change metrics to be tracked

Format: 2-4 days workshop, on-site, follow-on support available


Schedule time to learn what you can accomplish in our workshops.  We look forward to speaking with you!