Vancouver’s Power Shifter and how mastering operations can build margin, customer loyalty, employee engagement, and crisis-proof your agency.

To survive tomorrow’s crisis, strengthen your agency today.  Achieving operations excellence is one of the most controllable and reliable ways for leaders to build agency resilience.  Operational excellence, properly applied, creates high-loyalty customers, creative and high-productivity staff, with resilient margins.  While you can’t control the economy or the tides of your client’s business, operational excellence is a leverage point you can grab hold of today.

Learn the story of Power Shifter, an agency launched in the great recession to initial rapid growth, only to face business-threating crises.  Changes to their go-to-market offering, challenges to profitability, loss of client worth 70% of their revenue, and growing internal delivery difficulties put their survival at risk.  Learn how Power Shifter thrived despite those challenges.