A new organization and operations model paved the way for Starmark’s workplace of the future

“You're out of your mind."

That’s not the kind of response consultants want to hear when pitching a new client. But Jack Skeels is fine with it. In fact he will go further and correct their response by saying, “no, actually I’m out of your mind.”

This is what happened to Starmark, a 45-person mostly-B2B agency based in Fort Lauderdale, when they were first introduced to Skeels, co-founder of AgencyAgile. But after working with him for a year, when they saw that the fog of displeased clients, draconian deadlines, and stressed employees had blown away, they realized that his reply had been correct. He had helped them out of their existing mindset and brought a new and wholly unconventional one to the agency practice – and they were measurably better for it.