Take Yours to 100 eNPS with AgencyAgile

When we chose the slogan “Better, Faster, Happier” several years ago, I don’t think any of us expected that agencies would be able to accomplish the things they have with our methods.  When we first heard that several agencies got 20-50% velocity increases, we were completely satisfied to call its a day and spread that love across the whole industry.  Later, when teams would report that they were having amazingly better days, with vast period of quiet time in the afternoons, we were frankly elated and a bit surprised.  But nothing prepared us for the latest news from one of the truly most innovative agencies in the US, The Starr Conspiracy in Fort Worth.

Starr’s founder and CEO, Bret Starr has long been a proponent of team-empowerment and has done amazing things with our methods, not the least of which was empowering his teams to accomplish a 100% velocity increase within 6 months of completing our full program. Yes, twice as much work with the same labor applied.  Changed Bret’s life, as you can see in our 2015 Ad Week panel here (listen to Bret at the 37:00 mark).  Likewise, they (and many others) have been able to boost client Net Promoter Scores dramatically above the industry average of 13, well into the 60’s and 70’s.

Last week we visited Starr for a quick “tune-up” and some of our new managerial trainings.  It was an awesome several days, but just got more awesome for what was reported: Bret’s 40+ person agency just clocked in an Employee Net Promoter Score of 100.  OMG, yes, 100.  Since Starr works primarily with Human Capital Management software companies as clients, we know they do it right: 100% reporting is required before they calc the score.  So they are our first 100/100 agency — literally a different agency than started with us just two years ago.

Congrats to the whole team at Starr — you are, um, Rock Starrs.