Happier clients, happier teams and stronger margins. Find out how a mid-sized agency transformed their way of doing business.

A key move in any transformation project is having an owner, a keeper of the flame. Change is always difficult, especially in the fast-paced agency environment. Dave Foster is Chief Operating Officer for LaneTerralever, and was the person responsible for leading the engagement with AgencyAgile, and oversaw the implementation of the new production processes and systems, including their adaptation of the workflow software Target Process.

How were things going before you guys took the leap?

About a year into our merger and our biggest problem was that work was being performed in “silos”. While the two merged agency teams were collegial and cooperative, they were not integrated. Any project involving both traditional work (e.g. print creative, media buying, PR, etc.) alongside digital work was usually done in a haphazard and awkward way. Morale was mediocre. Teams regularly reported feeling overworked. My personal opinion is that the agency’s work was undifferentiated except one of a few superstar staff members were assigned to it and produced great results. Write-offs were very high. Poor on-time delivery was frequent. Intermittent quality and delivery resulted in higher client turnover than we would have liked due to recurring dis-appointments as we moved the superstars around to hold accounts together.