You will be able to


Sell and inspire better than you deliver?

With AgencyAgile methods, you’ll improve your handoff from project intake through delivery, ensuring that you’re on strategy and realize the vision.

Disengaged or disappointed clients and stakeholders?

Struggling to get people to agree to scope or just understand what you’re doing? Transform your client and stakeholder conversations with our team-and-client engagement methods.

Poorly-planned and managed projects flushing cash away?

Fewer surprises means fewer apologies.  Deliver better to-schedule and slash rework rates as well as project overages, using our team-based project estimation and tracking methods.

Capacity surprises creating morale-destroying death marches?

Increase team velocity and work transparency with our research-based productivity and and day structure methods. Eliminate costly and wasteful interruptions by ensuring priorities and status are known


Our high-performance AgencyAgile methods were first developed by our founder, Jack Skeels, a Rand senior analyst in the management sciences, who studied how to optimize complex knowledge-worker organizations.  

Virtually every aspect of traditional Agile has been rebuilt, ground-up, from humanistic and Agile core values, and informed by over five decades of peer-reviewed cognitive, behavioral and evolutionary psychology research.

Our Agile is a dynamic, learning Agile.  We continually revise our "version" of Agile, based on learnings and feedback from working with our 100+ clients.

A purpose-built transformation and training program


Amazing Scoping & Estimation

Our proprietary Context and Roadmap techniques are proven to deepen collaboration and understanding between teams, departments, clients and stakeholders

Powerful Cross-functional Integrated Teams

Our Workstream methods enable teams of 15 to 50 seamlessly handle multiple clients and projects at the same time, mutually-adapting to balance workloads.

Focused and Productive Days

Our Day Structure method drive the chaos level down dramatically. You'll see how happy people can be when they find their Flow time and truly focus on work.

Integrated Leadership and Team Self-Management

Our Vibrant Leadership training and coaching provides a holistic framework for managers and leaders to empower teams and inspire results.


Traditional Software Agile (SCRUM)

Optimizes the delivery of large, monolithic software

  • Rigid methods designed for software teams
  • Single project per team
  • Specialized teams
  • Dedicated/assigned teams
  • Full-time allocation
  • “Wait and see” scope & price
  • MVP and uncertain scope
  • Requires a Product Owner

AgencyAgile's Workstream Methods

Optimize the capabilities of your people and organization

  • Flexible methods adapt to your business
  • Multi-project workstream teams
  • Diverse cross-discipline teams
  • Shifting team resources across projects
  • Multi-allocated resources across projects
  • Fixed price and T&M projects
  • Deterministic scope and sequencing
  • No Product Owner needed

The speed and agility of an


Lets crack some numbers

Organizations transformed
Happier people
Net Promoter Score (2017)
Rolls of blue painters tape


“Ask around and you’ll learn that AgencyAgile has been quietly changing the way organizations like ours work. I’m happy we brought them into GTB, where their pragmatic, hands-on training and insights into new ways of working are helping us be an even better partner for our clients.”

- David Murphy

President Global Team Blue USA (WPP)

Our holistic approach



  • Modular one-week (usually 4 day) training packages
  • Priced by delivery/content, with an attendance cap
  • High-intensity, on-site team-based training
  • Hands-on workshop format (your projects and work)
  • Based upon a culture-led transformation model

BASIC PROGRAM DESIGN (click to enlarge)


Qualitative benefits

  • Reduced “noise” and meetings
  • Lower attrition, better engagement
  • Better collaboration w/teams and clients
  • Better quality of work
  • Fewer surprises

Quantitative benefits

  • Productive velocity: up 20-50%
  • Client satisfaction: NPS up 30pts
  • Team satisfaction: huge gains
  • Net Margin: 10-20% increase
  • Average ROI: 6 months


Organization Size, Type, and Location

Is this only for agencies?

That's where we started, in agencies.  That's because they are pretty crazy places, and if you can fix an agency, we believe, you can fix most anything.  If you're not an agency, call us and become one of our easier transformations.

What size organizations do you work with?

Any size, really. We’ve trained small teams (less than 12 persons) to large, multi-national shops. For medium to large organizations, the key consideration is how to roll out the program. We work with you to figure that out before we start.

Can we be too small?

Too small to be awesome? Nope. Small organizations actually have a big advantage in terms of adopting and adapting our methods. We’ve seen small shops dramatically increase their velocity after only 2 workshops with us.

Does this work for more than just software developers?

It sure does. It is designed for multi-discipline teams, including skills as diverse as planning, creative, copy, broadcast, and media...even managers! We teach them all how to work smarter together; our workshops drive ground-up collaboration, for much better, and more integrated results.

Can this be done with remote people or partners?

It depends on your situation.  We have helped organizations effectively integrate everything from solo operators to geo-separated offices.  Video conferencing and cloud-based collaboration tools help, but they are not the core of the solution.

Do you travel to our region?

Yes, we travel anywhere on this wonderful planet.  We’ve trained and coached organizations in North America, Europe and Asia Pacific, with South America and Africa in the works. We do all of our training on-site at your offices.

Teams, Work, and Clients

What do you mean when you use the term

These are the workers. The people that you have on staff that actually create all of the stuff you dream up. We believe that they are the barometer of your agency… If they are not working in an optimal way, neither is your agency.

Will your methods work for fixed-price projects?

Yes. In fact, this is what we designed our methods for. Most agencies live with fixed-price constraints because that’s what clients buy. If you can do fixed price well, then all the other methods are easy.

What if my client won't buy or do

We’ll show you how to do it invisibly. You can still commit to interim deliverables and milestones, but as often happens over the course of the engagement, your client might just start loving the “Agile” parts, and convert.

Can you show me how to extend this to contractors and vendors?

Yes, but you will need to contract with us first.

Will your methods work with my existing PM and resource management tools?

Tools are the last thing you should think about when improving process. We’ll teach you how to fix the process first and then you can adapt the tools as you see fit. We can even help a bit with that. We also have some fancy Google Docs we can share that work pretty well.

Case Studies from Successful Transformations


We're ready to go! Let us know what it will take to get you started on the road to AgencyAgile awesomeness.