Level 0 – Leadership

All successful change starts with leadership and management.

Level 1 – Briefs & Scope

Broken scope and handoffs are a root cause problem.

Level 2 – Daily Productivity

Gaining focus is critical for workers and teams.

Level 3 – Metrics & Optimization

Systems and measurement are key.

Other stuff

12 years, 200+ clients. Yeah, we’ve got a lot of other stuff.

Level 0

Leadership Foundation

The change to a different or better way only happens when leaders and managers are all aligned on “The Why” that drives it.

Leaders learn first

Your best, first step: Our Agency Productivity Diagnostic, an interactive educational and diagnostic workshop. Online or in-person.

  • 2.5 hours. 15-25ppl. $2,500
  • Findings report: 8-20 page report on your agency’s challenges
  • Delivery Ops benchmark scorecard

Making it Real: Leadership Foundation, a learning, planning and design workshop

  • 1-2 days, your LT, up to 25 ppl
  • Alignment on core problems and root causes
  • Pod design strategy and workshop
  • Transformation and metric program
  • Identification of appropriate AgencyAgile curriculum and DIY topics

Scope is the most important challenge. You'll fix that first.

Our single, most awesome transformation and training. Conducted only with full, live teams ranging from 10-25ppl, using real, live projects in order to maximize learning and retention.

  • Day 1
  • Day 2-3
    • Visual, Team-based Scoping (Roadmapping) and Estimation methods
  • Day 4
    • Client-Team Alignment Workshop

Level 1

Briefs & Scopes

Here are our game-changing techniques for exploring the “Why” and the “What,” using our innovative, research-based collaboaration and communications model that ensures everyone, learns, knows, and grows.

Leve 2

Daily Productivity

We’ll show you how to manage productivity without getting in the team’s way. Say goodbye to chaotic days filled with interruptions.

The speed of the team is the speed of your organization. Unleash them.


We’ll show you how to get work done, by quieting the chaotic noise that plagues your organization.

  • Our Day Structure Workshop will help you create a strategy for daily productivity and is your first step in ridding yourself of excessive meetings
  • Our Daily Check-in Workshop is a highly optimized version of the agile stand-up meeting, built for large multi-project teams or pods
  • Our Kanban Design Workshop will de-mystify and help you configure this amazing Japanese management technique for high-velocity project organizations
  • Our Retrospective Training and Workshop is designed to keep your organization learning with a focus on key metrics

Learn to set the mix just right for optimal team execution.

Level 3 creates connective tissue between Level 1 (Context and Scope) activities and the Level 2 (Day Structure) operating model, to improve team execution. we implement our “Cycle” model which is a turbo-charged version of the classic agile sprint concept.

  • This is a modular 4-6 week program that is customized for each client’s needs using standard components. Key capabilities include:
    • Establishing resource management capability based upon capacity and demand across a time-window (2-to-4-week Cycle)
    • Integration of AgencyAgile models with workflow and project management technologies and systems
    • Improved managerial behaviors through continued education and coaching
  • The selection of trainings, coachings and methods include:
    • Backlog Preparation and Grooming Workshop
    • The AgencyAgile Workstream Toolkit (if needed)
    • Capacity planning Workshop
    • Cycle planning (team-based) Workshop
    • The Managerial Check-in

Level 3, Metrics & Optimization

Agencies and other project-driven organizations struggle because they try to optimize before they solve their biggest problems. And they usually fail or make things worse. when your teams are dialed in, then you can focus on tuning your delivery engine.

You’ve got questions, we’ve got answers. Contact us on the form below.

Is this just agile? No, it’s beyond Agile

Software Agile doesn’t work well for complex project-driven organizations like agencies, consultancies and dev shops. We’ve taken what does work (30%) and thrown out the rest.

Matters of Size and Cost

Our core program is designed to scale to handle the differences between small, medium and large organizations. We’ve worked with teams as small as 7 and as large as 3,500. Our sweet spot is agencies or large-scale projects in the range of 25-75ppl.

Simple FAQs

We get plenty of questions because our programs are so different, and innovative.  We’re always available to discuss what you need and how our programs can fit. And we have lots of Frequently-Provided Answers.

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