Gain more productive flow.

Do you find you get the most work done before 9am or after 5pm because the entire day is filled with meetings and interruptions? You're not alone. According to over 200 agencies surveyed, poorly scheduled meetings and volume of meetings and random interruptions are the top productivity killers.

Day Structure workshop focus' on creating more time in the day for contiguous productive flow time by analyzing and restructuring the agency's day. Within the first 30 minutes of the workshop, teams often find up to 20% more time in their day.

Are you ready to find more time in your day to do better quality work without working harder or longer, schedule a Day Structure workshop.

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Executive Summary

  • $5,000-$10,000 per team or pod.
  • A 1-2 day training for Leadership, Managers and Team members.
  • Uses a real workflow as the canvas for learning the new methods, coupled with years of behavioral and organizational dynamics research as well as 10+ years of our own experience training thousands of people using these methods.
  • Outcomes are a new day structure and meeting format to maximize flow time, minimize disruption as well as behavioral changes required to make change stick and protect flow time.
  • Designed to work for remote (WFH) AND in-person/office teams.
  • Includes 1-hour preparation call to align on goals, expectations, participants, project to use for the training, logistics

Core Agenda

  • Introductions and Orientation
  • Key Insights, Defining WHY
  • Manager and Leads: Meetings Analysis
  • Manager and Leads: Day Structure workshop
  • Full team: Day Structure read-back and next steps

*Can be delivered over 2 days, 5 hours total time with breaks

"We've had clients say to us, "You are so much more efficient now than before you started using AgencyAgile techniques."

- Paula Hugget, VP of Client Services, Bokka Group