Agile training and techniques don't create real agility.  It is the shift in the way we manage, and even the way we think of managing, that creates the rich, powerful team performance, stakeholder satisfaction and business results that deserve the name "agile" or "agility."

Our Agile Leadership Program is designed to align your leadership team and broader management into an  mindset and style that will bring the best out in your teams, and ensure that your transformation to an agile organization is thorough and enduring.   We also provide individual one-on-one agile leadership development coaching.  All of our leadership services are standalone, but also will amplify the success of any of our  core AgencyAgile team trainings that you may have had.

Our Art of Management education program consists of seminar and workshop trainings, including managerial style, difficult conversations, personal development programs, understanding clients, teams and more.

The Leadership Alignment Workshop is a multi-session workshop format for leadership teams up to 25 people and helps to align mission and purpose with specific business results, individual behaviors and key team interactions.

The Leadership Development Coaching program is for leaders and managers seeking to deepen their skills in the special managerial style required to enable agile teams.

The Reflective Practice follow-on is provided as an individual or group coaching for development of the Self-as-Coach capability.


Great leaders are typically what we would call Agile leaders, or in our terms, Vibrant Leaders, because they embody and amplify what is great about people.  They are empowering, serving and delivering their awesomeness with humility and wisdom.

All of our  core standard and customized trainings support growth through this model, and our coaching practices described below all use this as a key reference model.


What’s holding you back from being a better leader?  That’s where coaching excels – it is the single best and fastest way to advance your managerial skills.  One of the best examples of when coaching can provide huge benefits is in that most challenging of transitions: when specialists are promoted to their first major leadership role.

The specialist-to-leadership move includes explicit new responsibilities, and the abandoning of others – it can be a dis-orienting and massive shift in the nature of the new manager’s sense of self and purpose. Many think that a promotion is a time for rejoicing, yet often the transition to higher levels of leadership can feel a lot more like jumping off a cliff than reaching a mountain peak!

And there are many other situations that benefit from great coaching:

  • A manager or leader who struggles with working relationships.
  • A leader trying to learn where to focus as the organization has grown and added other management.
  • A hands-on CEO needing to become the hands-off CEO and potentially answer, “So now what?”
  • A CEO or other leader seeking to discover their “natural and powerful” leadership style with which to help their organization perform and grow.

The illustration below shows the coaching program structure.

 Your first steps together will be to craft a coaching objective and then quickly moving to developing the new skills and insights to achieve that objective. You should expect to have 10-15 hours of sessions with your coach, 60-90 minutes in duration, weekly or occasionally bi-weekly, using a mix of phone, in-person and/or video/Skype sessions.

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