Improve Project Kickoffs and Handoffs in just half a day

One of the most ubiquitous article titles or posts we see goes something like this: “Your Briefs Suck: How to Write a Better Brief.”

We are calling bullshit. We get the problem, but writing a “better” document is not the solution. Most agency peeps process information better by doing rather than reading a document or listening to someone tell them what they need to know.

Join us for a half-day workshop that will forever change the way your agency engages and empowers your talented and diverse people when kicking off a project.


Executive Summary

  • $3,500-$5,000 per team
  • A half-to-full day training for a project team (trained in groups up to 15 people)
  • Uses a real client project as the canvas for learning the new methods, coupled with years of behavioral and organizational dynamics research as well as 10+ years of our own experience training thousands of people using these methods.
  • Outcomes are learning a new way to kick off projects with real communication and behavioral changes for mangers and team members alike, and they stick.
  • Designed to work for remote (WFH) AND in-person/office teams.
  • Includes 1-hour preparation call to align on goals, expectations, participants, project to use for the training, logistics

Core Agenda

  • 30 minutes: Introductions and Orientation
  • 1 hour: Key Insights, Defining WHY
  • 30 minutes: Briefing Training
  • 3-4 hours: Briefing Workshop
  • 30 minutes: Learnings and Recommendations

*Can be delivered over 1 or 2 days, hours may vary based on team size and project

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"I am confident that this is the most transformative training we have ever experienced. AgencyAgile helped us view our work in a new way, see the hidden places where we we’ve been losing time, and imagine a way to operate with greater sanity and performance..."

- President of midsize US Agency