The work of great agencies is a curry that delights and inspires. But its constituent parts are mere commodities that lack magic and are most certainly interchangeable. The push toward deals based on “scopes of work” with resource breakdowns and itemized pricing, as espoused by Michael Farmer and others, is like an Indian restaurant asking, “How much coriander would you like in that dish?”

There is a packaging problem, yes, along with trust and value challenges, but all of them are better solved by embracing the magic of the mix, and finding ways to amplify the composite experience, rather than deconstruct it. And of course, the research and our experience with 90 agencies now supports this assertion: agencies, like spices, feel more special, even priceless, with they find that special blend.

Thanks especially to our friends at 22squared for reminding us of how important it is to know who you are as an agency as well as what you stand for and how you, in your own way deliver that magic to your clients.

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