“There is a decades-old myth we’ve told ourselves and clients,…that we must choose no more than two corners of the “iron triangle”: better quality, faster delivery and lower cost.  And that myth has become an excuse for the way most agencies are today: they are a bottleneck, both to their and their clients success.”

Starr Conspiracy CEO, Bret Starr explains the “Iron Triangle”, a myth that pervades our industry, and how Starr Conspiracy used AgencyAgile to generate industry-leading results. More of Bret’s insights in this informative read from one of the most insightful CEO’s we’ve ever worked with. Here’s another quote from a recent interview we recorded with him:

“Virtually every industry and every aspect of our clients’ business moves much faster and better these days; product development, logistics, customer service, and even the whole funding-to-sale lifecycle takes only 3-to-5 years.  They’ve all broken through the Iron Triangle,…except for marketing.  Companies need to remove the bottleneck of marketing, and if they can’t remove it, it will be eliminated.”  

There is a new model for running agencies. Simple and lean, it minimizes the need for layers of management, and operates by a set of rules that are almost the exact opposite of what’s done today. In the new agency model, work gets delivered to the client faster with fewer surprises, at better quality and lower cost.

(Pictured above, part of the team that has achieved ridiculous velocity gains, getting ready for the morning check-in. Notice how chill everyone is.)