Multi-Agency and Client Collaboration

at WPP’s Global Team Blue (GTB)

Learn how Roadmapping helped GTB and its WPP partner agencies, VML and Rockfish, integrate with Ford IT to create a seamless team and project kickoff.

What a triumph of collaboration this GTB project was! Something that is rare in the business, agencies truly being partners in creating client success. Even more impressive was that GTB was able to get both the client (Ford) and Ford IT included in the project, so much so that at one point, someone remarked, “Hi, I’m Dianne from Ford IT, but nobody knows that. I’m a member of this team.” Almost two years later, GTB’s teams and partners still use the AgencyAgile techniques for projects and campaigns of all sizes, as well as their internal planning activities. They’ve begun to roll out this new methodology globally as of late 2017.

“Hi, I’m Dianne from Ford IT, but nobody knows that.

I’m a member of this team.” 

This detailed, 19-page case study is presented in two parts, largely using the agency’s own people and words to tell the story. The first part will introduce the Ford COHERE project and also provide detail on how AgencyAgile’s Context training helps to solve initial project kickoff challenges. The second part will cover how our Roadmapping and Client Review techniques create deeply collaborative conversations between all stakeholders.

Look inside! View sample pages from the Case Study.

GTB, an acronym for Global Team Blue, is a 3,000+ person agency that operates on six continents and has 49 offices. Integrated across virtually every communications discipline, GTB is WPP’s largest agency team. The Ford Motor Company is their largest client.

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