Most successful Digital agencies are at their breaking point: there is a full-fledged operations and delivery crisis going on.  The reason? Most agencies are selling better than they can deliver.

Growth in the number and size of new projects and accounts leads to a form of management chaos that overwhelms operations. Client relationships that started as intense connections and collaborations become bogged down with slow production cycles.  Disenchanted and over-stressed teams deliver work that lacks the focus and energy of the pitch. Innovation suffers, satisfaction drops and margins are squeezed to nothing.

Visit this Adobe Connect link here to watch a replay of the Digital Marketing Roundtable webinar, hosted by SoDA, the Digital Society, broadcast from AgencyAgile’s offices in Los Angeles on October 21-22, 2014.  Approx 57 minutes in length.

AgencyAgile shares insights from refocusing the operations of more than a dozen digital agencies in the past year, including:

  • The Agency Operations “Shark” that follows every agency, and why you can’t out-swim it through growth
  • How standard agency structures and processes all but guarantee that you’ll suffer from the crisis
  • How increasing the number and seniority of management actually decreases productivity
  • Why your culture is one of the first things to suffer from growth
  • Why your toughest competitor may be less than 12 people in size
  • Understanding the management mind shift and cultural changes that are needed to manage the crisis