CampaignUS: “Meet the team quietly (and successfully) transforming adland”

(Originally published Dec 13, 2018 in CampaignUS)

AgencyAgile has helped restructure more than 100 agency models as shops continue to grapple with fast-paced industry change.

Trouble brewed at the household of one senior art director recently.

Serious questions were raised when he got home at a reasonable hour two nights in a row. But he hadn’t been fired, as his partner feared. Instead, the agency he works for had been restructured and streamlined by Jack Skeels, AKA The Fixer.

His crack team is quietly swooping into agencies around the world and making them over under adland’s radar.

“Shops ignore the fact that there is massive uncertainty, ignorance and complexity to agency work and try to plow ahead anyway with poor communication,” said Skeels, who helped run Sapient LA for a number of years before starting AgencyAgile in 2012.

He believes it’s the answer to one of the most endemic problems in the agency world: how to quiet the craziness and increase profitability.